Heavy Rope Skipping - Why do Muay Thai Fighters Skip With A Heavy Rope

March 11, 2019

Skipping is used within normal boxing to develop endurance, improve footwork and timing.  Fighters generally skip with a light speed rope and aim to get the footwork slick, timing perfect and get faster over time.

Muay Thai fighters, however, tend to favour heavy rope skipping. We will attempt to explain the benefits and reasons behind this.

What is heavy rope skipping?

A heavy rope is made from heavy plastic tubing with handles containing ball bearing swivels.  The extra weight makes the rope much harder to swing thus requiring much more muscular effort to complete a round of skipping using the heavy rope.   The tube lengths usually very long but can be easily resized by cutting.

What are the advantages of using a heavy rope?

The benefits are increased muscular involvement in the skipping, increased cardiovascular work, and improved conditioning.  You warm up faster, you fatigue quicker, your heart rate peaks far faster than when using a traditional speed rope. Rope workouts become more "muscle burn" than "cardio burn".  Double-unders become harder to achieve until strength and stamina have improved.   The back and core are fully engaged throughout the jump rope workout, and your grip strength for clinches is improved.

What are the downsides of a heavy rope?

The extra weight WILL slow you down initially until your strength and stamina improve to compensate.  It will make your skipping slower initially and double-unders harder to achieve.

The biggest downside however is when you are skipping in bare feet and you bash your toes.  Hitting the toe with the heavy rope can be extremely painful so they are best used when wearing training shoes.

We have a range of heavy MuayThai style tube ropes.  Click to see our heavy skipping ropes.

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