How do I Choose the Correct Size and Style of Kama?

September 16, 2021

What length of Kama Should I Choose?


Choosing the correct length of Kama is extremely important.  It will make a huge difference to the ease of training and mastery of this Okinawan sickle.  In Kama-Justu the shaft of the Kama is used extensively to block attacks.  When held in a reverse grip with the blades at the bottom of the shaft the wooded handle is used to block the incoming attacks. If your Kama are too short then your forearm/elbow will be exposed to injury.
A correctly sized pair of Kama should be large enough to cover the whole of your forearm from the top of your fingers to the bottom of your elbow.  If you hold the Kama in a reverse grip from the base of the handle, then the blade should be roughly level with your elbow.
The easiest way to choose the correct size is to pinch a tape measure between your thumb and forefingers, hold the arm perpendicular to the floor and let the tape dangle down past your elbow.  Read off the measurement that is about level with your elbow.  You need to choose a Kama which is at or about this size.  If you fall between sizes it is worthwhile going for the larger size, you will get a little more coverage in the blocks and have the added advantage of a bit of extra reach.  This is particularly true of kids where they are likely to "grow into" the pair.


Should I Choose a Round or Octagonal Handle?

An octagonal shaft is in general more popular as it lets you feel where the blade is at all times.  The flat edge at the back of the handle lets you feel the direction the blade is pointing in through your grip.  However some people prefer a rounder grip as it allows for smoother transitions front to back.  


What Kind of Blade Should I Choose?

We offer a range of different blades for all types of training.  Generally these are blunt metal which keeps the traditional balance of a kama but without any danger to the practitioner.  We also offer wooden and foam blades which are great for children since they are even lighter and safer to practice with.






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