Twins Special Glove Range - Every Boxing Glove Model Described

February 10, 2022

Twins Model Designations
In this post, we will attempt to explain the different models of Twins Special boxing gloves and what the naming convention means.  Once you have read this article you will be able to work out the features of each of the Twins Special gloves from looking at the model number.
All Twins Special glove models begin with the prefix BGVL.  The different models have different suffixes to denote the various features. 
For example:-
  • The number immediately after the BGVL prefix designates the overall glove design.  These currently range from 3 to 9. 
  • A2 indicates an Air Flow design - Air Flow 
  • 2T = Two-Tone Colour Scheme
  • 3T = Three-Tone Colour Scheme


  • BGVL3 - The most common flagship Twins glove design.  They are single colour. Have a long Velcro Strap, wide padding, grip bar and attached thumb design.
  • BGVL3-2T - Same as BGVL3 but this is a Two-Tone Color Scheme version.
  • BGVL3-3T - As the BGVL3 but this is a Three-Tone Color Scheme version.
  • BGVL6 - These gloves are more modern looking design. They were designed specifically for sparring. The extended cuff design offers additional padding to the wrist and arm.
  • BGVL6-AV - Same as the BGVL6 but with a different design on the forearm padding and comes in Yellow/Light Blue
  • BGVL7 - A Two-Tone Glove with exposed parallel seams running down the glove separating the two sides from the centre.  The side panels are a different colour to the centre.
  • BGVL8 - Two-Tone glove with a circular line of stitching running down the back of the glove dividing it into two colours.
  • BGVL9 - Two-Tone glove with a circular panel containing the Twins logo in one colour, the body of the glove in another.
  • BGVLA2 - Air Flow Boxing Gloves -  These gloves have additional mesh panel or air holes in the palm to help the dry out quicker and keep cool.
  • BGVLA2-2T - Air Flow Boxing Gloves with a Two-Tone Colour Scheme
  • BGVLA2-3T - Air Flow Boxing Gloves with a Three-Tone Colour Scheme



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