What is the difference between bag gloves and boxing gloves?

March 12, 2019

Bag Gloves vs Boxing Gloves

If you are wondering what type of gloves to choose, or what you use bag gloves for this post will help you make a decision.

The differences between bag gloves and regular boxing gloves are...


Bag gloves are designed to be super lightweight.  They allow you get the feeling of throwing your hands extremely quickly, without he weight a heavy gloves slowing you down.  They are built for bag and pad work only and offer protection only across the knuckle area.  You cannot use bag gloves for sparring since you run the risk of hurting your opponent due to the reduced padding.  There is also risk of damaging your hand since the padding is only in the knuckle area.  There is almost no padding for the thumb or side of the hand.

2. Size

Bag gloves are extremely light and physically smaller by design to allow you to move your hands rapidly.  Boxing gloves are much larger due to the heavy padding and all-around protection.

3. Wraps

Boxing gloves are designed to be worn over hand wraps.  These wraps immobilize the wrist and small bones of the hand to protect them from damage.  Bag gloves are designed to be worn straight over the hand.  They typically have a elastic cuff making them easy to slip on and off between training rounds. 

4. Weight

Again, by design bag gloves are made to be super light.  They are intended to allow you to throw your hands very fast.  Boxing gloves are much heavier due to the extra padding and protection.

Summary - Should you buy a pair of bag gloves?

If you have your main pair of gloves i.e. a 16oz pair already then you may want to consider a pair of bag gloves.  You may want to consider a pair of 12oz gloves first however since they offer a lot more protection for long heavy bag rounds. 

With that in mind, there are many compelling reasons to purchase a pair of bag gloves.

  • You already have your other gloves and simply want a small light pair for bag/pad work.
  • You want to protect your expensive main gloves from wear by using the cheaper bag gloves to hit the bag.
  • You want something you can slip on and off easily if you do other exercises between bag/pad rounds.
  • A pair of gloves you can keep near your bag, that you can easily slip on for impromptu bag work, without the faff of putting wraps on first.
  • If you are just starting out at your first kickboxing class but don't want to commit to an expensive pair of gloves yet.
  • You want to the feeling of being unencumbered in training.  Throwing your hands as fast as you can with minimal padding.

If you want to purchase a pair, check out of range of bag gloves.



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