What is the difference between boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves?

March 12, 2019

Muay Thai vs Boxing Gloves

Visually and functionally boxing and Muay Thai gloves are very similar.  In general they can be used interchangeably.  Many boxers do use Muay Thai focused gloves for their training.

There are subtle differences however which make Muay Thai specific gloves better for this application.

Muay Thai specific gloves are longer at the wrist to provide extra support for the hands and wrist.  

You normally find that there is extra padding on the edges to protect the hands when defending from kicks. The extra padding allows you to check kicks without taking damage.

Their shape is specially design to allow fighters to clinch for the close-in neck wrestling and knee work which such a big part of Muay Thai.

Boxing gloves tend to be more swollen with the padding focused on protecting the knuckles and other persons face.  They are not designed to clinch making those moves extremely hard in regular boxing gloves.  They tend to have a more rigid shape which offers less flexibility to grab and grip.

In summary, although there are lots of similarities between the two styles of gloves, you should choose a gloves specific to the sport you are participating in.  You will find it more enjoyable, and training much easier if your gloves are built for the job.




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