What size Muay Thai Gloves should I buy?

March 12, 2019

What Size Boxing Gloves Should I buy?

A question which comes up frequently is which Muay Thai glove size should I buy.  This is a tricky question and the answer is, it depends.

Firstly referring to Muay Thai gloves as being different 'sizes' is a bit of a misnomer.  It calls to mind traditional glove sizes where you are sizing them to fit different hands.  This does not apply with boxing gloves since they are intended to be worn with your hands bound with wraps.  The wraps protect your hand by binding it together to prevent movement and protect the small bones in your hand.  The padding in the gloves is specially designed to provide impact protection and cushioning.

With boxing gloves, however, the difference is in the weight of padding.  The choice of weight is very important.  If you purchase a pair that are too 'light' i.e. have too little padding then you run the risk of hurting your hands when hitting the heavy bag or hurting sparring partner.  You may even find that you are not allowed to spar if your gloves are too 'light'.   

If however, you buy a pair that are too 'heavy' you may find them so cumbersome and unwieldy that you won't enjoy using them.  You may end up wasting money by having to purchase another pair.

How heavy should my Muay Thai gloves be?

16 oz Gloves

These are pretty much the standard weight for sparring.  Both Boxing and Muay Thai prefer prefer the use of 16oz gloves for sparring.  If you weigh less than 140lbs (63kg) then you can usually get by with 14oz.  In general however you will not go wrong with a pair of 16oz gloves.

18 oz Gloves

Serious heavy weights will often put on 18 oz gloves for sparring.  This gives some extra protection to their sparring partners and adds extra weight to make their punches quicker when they drop down again.

12 oz -14 oz Gloves

As mentioned before, fighters under (63kg) can usually get by with 14oz sparring gloves.  In general however, these weights are usually used for bag/pad work.  You can work the bag with 16oz gloves but dropping down to lighter weights means you can throw faster and more frequent punches. 

You will really enjoy throwing punches on the bag with these lighter weight gloves.  I tend to prefer using 12oz gloves on the heavy bag.  I find I can throw more punches per round and can throw them much faster with a 12oz glove.

8-10 oz Gloves

In Thailand, most Muay Thai bouts are fought using 8 oz gloves.  The heavier fighter may sometimes use 10 oz.  You can use 8 oz gloves for bag work or hitting pads but you won't want to hit as hard since there is more risk of long term damage.  

Which size boxing glove should I buy?

The glove size you use is entirely down to personal preference, your fight style, how hard you hit, and your body weight.  You will most likely find that you need more than one set of gloves to cover all your needs.

If I had to pick one glove to buy first, it would be a set of 16 oz gloves.  These can do almost anything and it won't restrict you from any activities.  With a pair of 16 oz gloves, you can handle anything from sparring and heavy bag through to fast pad work. 

Once I had my pair of 16oz gloves I would look to add a lighter pair.  Most likely a 12oz pair for use on those long rounds on the bag. 

Finally, I would grab a light pair of bag gloves.  These allow me to throw super-fast punches with minimal padding.  They help to get your hand speed up whilst still offering some protection to the knuckles.


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